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Introducing the Facebook 'Want' Button

-Facebook Update-

The e-commerce world has skyrocketed in the last few years and continues to create new tools that generate consumer wants. With the recent Pinterest revolution, it is only natural for Facebook to jump on the bandwagon and give shopaholics a reason to spend more time on their social media platform. The recent rumors indicate that Facebook will be implementing a ‘want’ button to make it easy for users to keep tabs on their Facebook ‘wish list’.

As studies have previously shown, Pinterest accounts for more referral traffic than LinkedInYouTube and Google + combined, so it was about time that Facebook stepped up its game in the e-commerce realm of online marketing. In addition to making gift shopping more convenient, the new ‘want’ button holds a great deal of potential for Marketing and PR campaigns. This new feature will make B2B marketing on Facebook much more user-friendly and easier to showcase specific products and services.  A Facebook user’s ‘want’ feed will show up on their personal timeline, conveniently sharing your brand’s products and services with Facebook users and their friends.

The ‘want’ button will make collecting user data more effective, as well. Your increased visual presence among your fans will enable you to target specific audiences that ‘want’ what you are offering.

In addition, Facebook recently included a full-size calendar feature to user timelines. This calendar enables users to organize events and birthdays. Let’s be honest, without the birthday alerts on Facebook, how many of us would remember to wish fellow users happy birthday? Not  many; the calendar will make the world’s most social site even more social! With the Facebook calendar, you can better organize your social life while using social media.

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