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Inspiration is all around us. It’s easy to be inspired as you’re reading a book, taking your dog for a walk or driving to work, but perhaps the most visually stimulating and accessible inspiration lies on the Internet.

The Internet can provide ideas on styling your wardrobe, recipes to try for dinner, ways to decorate your new home, tips for planning your wedding and much more. So what do you do when you find something inspiring online? If you’re like me, you’ll bookmark it (only to forget about it later) or email it to yourself (only for it to get lost amidst the clutter).

Well the days of bookmarking and emailing yourself are a thing of the past thanks to Pinterest—a newly popular, invitation-only site that lets users curate all their online inspiration in one place. The easiest way to use Pinterest is by installing the “Pin it” button on your bookmark bar, which allows you to grab an image from any website and pin it to one of your “inspiration boards.”


Not only can you hop online and view your “pins” anytime you want, but you can also browse millions of other images pinned by other users with the option of “liking” or “repining.”

Whether you are planning your wedding, looking for design inspiration, trying to find a new haircut or just simply in search of some inspiration—Pinterest has it all.

Check out this great tutorial from the SITS Girls for more information on how to start using the site.

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