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In the State of the Union Address last night, President Obama called for a new era of competitiveness.  He called for extreme innovation and forward thinking.  He recognized companies who think outside the box, and who work just a little bit harder when it helps to make a difference.  Here at Serendipit, attempts at innovation and raising the bar of competition did not start last night at the President’s speech.  In fact, we like to think that we’ve always put forward the effort to make a difference, and to embrace creativity.

One example of how we go out of our way to better develop our own skills is in our weekly team meetings.  We like to think our meetings are a little different than your typical company.  We don’t do agendas, and there is no one keeping minutes.  Instead, each member of our team comes prepared with some innovative idea.  This idea can be something we found online or in a magazine, or perhaps it just popped into one of our minds.  However, we take the time to share these ideas, and the brainstorming begins.  Sometimes things get a little crazy in the Serendipit office as the ideas start flowing – but it is all part of our creative process!  This week, we would like to share with you the ideas (and new news!) we discussed in our meeting.  Please feel free to take these ideas and run with them – everyone needs a little creative inspiration from time to time! While you’re reading, take a minute to think: what makes you tick? How do you start your creative process? Let us know!

New Facebook Ads – Jenna’s Pick!

Facebook released their first organic Facebook ads ages ago, allowing advertisers to promote their fan pages by broadcasting who likes them.  For instance, if a Facebook user had 15 friends who liked Serendipit Consulting, we could pay for advertising on Facebook that showed that user exactly which friends liked our page. Now, Facebook is taking it a step further, with “Sponsored Stories”.   Now, when a user interacts with a brand, that brand can use certain interactions in advertising.  As of now, the interactions approved for advertising are likes, checkins, actions within custom applications and Page posts.  So far, this has sparked some controversy – are Facebook users going to see this as breaking trust?  Though our clients haven’t all been huge on Facebook advertising so far, we’re interested to see if this changes anyone’s opinion.

New 2011 Marketing Trends – Samantha’s Pick!

dry shampoo, 2011 trends, big hair, volumized hairAs is to be expected at the beginning of the year, newspapers and newssites are bustling with the new trends forecasted for 2011, and the ones that passed in 2010.  USA Today published one of their own, titled: “10 Marketing Trends Popping Up in 2011“.  Samantha found this article very worthy of a mention in today’s meeting, and was exciting to share a few of her favorite trends. Included in the list were “pro hair for pennies”, “flexitarians ‘r’ us”, and “sweet on potatoes”.  The first was an indication of a huge change in hair care: dry shampoos, often used by celebrities to add volume before red carpet moments (see Beyonce’s volumized hair to the right), will now be available for purchase at an affordable rate ($2.74 for 5 ounces – Suave).  Another trend expected to quickly rise is the idea of a flexible vegetarian: someone who enjoys eating meat, but appreciates the value of eating it less.  Marketers, especially in the food service industry, should be able to come up with very creative ideas to meet the flexitarian need.  The last (very surprising) trend was the huge increase in the popularity of sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes, once known only for Thanksgiving are quickly becoming popular when used in healthy, delicious snacks.  What 2011 trends do you look forward to the most?

10 Online Strategies for Your Next Product Launch – Melissa’s Pick!

Melissa is a big believer, as are the rest of us, in taking a step back to appreciate the ‘big picture’. As is true for most of us in the marketing world, it is very easy to get stuck in a rut of blogs, social media posts, and contests.  However, as theMashable article Melissa picked describes, it is very important to remember the importance of the strategy behind our actions. So, fellow marketers, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks, remember the full spectrum of approaches for your client.  Need a few channels to get you started? The article describes traditional methods, SEO, e-mail marketing, online advertising, and many others.  Check out the article to learn more!

Tips and Tricks for…

YouTube – Alexis’s Pick!

YouTube: often mentioned, but often forgotten.  For many social media marketers, daily responsibilities quickly become flooded with Facebook and Twitter, and we forget about the other options.  These days, even Foursquare often gets prioritized above YouTube. However, it is important to remember that this video hosting site exceeds 2 billion views per day.  Another often overlooked fact is that you don’t have to have a videocamera to use YouTube.  Slideshows often get just as many views as videos, and sometimes they’re even easier to make. Alternatively, do you have a webcam? If it is relevant to your brand, you could host your own videoblog using the popular site.

Foursquare – Cassandra’s Pick!

Cassandra is the newest member of the Serendipit team.  A junior at ASU, Cassandra joins us as our third intern! We are very excited to have her join us, and were even more excited to have her participate in her first team meeting this afternoon.  Her pick had to do with foursquare, and the proper management of foursquare sites.  Most businesses today have successfully founded their location, but are they using it?  Simply claiming your place is not enough.  Those who check in to your site should be both interacted with, and managed.  For instance, is one of your employees mayor of your location? This might be an unfair advantage, and could dissuade customers from checking in.  Luckily, foursquare’s admin options do offer control over this – it simply requires your attention.

That is all for our ideas of today! We hope that you enjoyed a little insight into our daily lives, and that you learned something that perhaps you hadn’t thought of! Do you have any creative ideas relevant to the industry? Please share them!


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