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Landmarks Creating Social Buzz this Summer

Facebook made quite the strategic move by aquiring Instagram this year. Instagram continues to be all the rage, especially with all the traveling taking place this summer. Facebook recently released the top check-in statistics that showcased the “most social” cities. Although majority of Facebook check-ins were seen throughout Europe, majority of Instagram photos are taken right here in the United States.

The U.S. has quite a few social landmarks of its own that have been creating buzz this summer. We have compiled a list of the top buzz-making sites that you are sure to find popping up all over everyone’s favorite photo-sharing app this season.

  • New York City’s Statue of Liberty: One of the most popular tourist destinations for summer, the Statue of Liberty, has been capturing a large amount of buzz with all of it’s photographic angles.
  • San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco provides such a fun and fast-pace vibe for summer, which is represented with the infamous Golden Gate.

  • Chicago’s Cloud Gate: This unique landmark has become one of the most popular photo destinations, making it’s way to the top on Instagram.
  • Hollywood Sign: Celebrities may not be caught on Instagram this summer, but this famous sign surely will be. These hollywood letters are captured from far distances, or hiking in the hollywood hills and definitely continue to stir up buzz through social media.
  • Washington, DC’s Lincoln Memorial: Mr. Lincoln sure looks good on Instagram! The 16th president’s memorial is making the scene this summer, with all the tourists visiting the beautiful DC landmarks.

Be sure to create your own buzz this summer with these famous U.S. landmarks. Take your photography skills to the next level by using hashtags in your Instagram photos. Who knows, your photos may end up on the popular page as well!


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