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Live in the Moment with Twitter

It has been almost a year since Twitter launched its Moments feature, a collection of Tweets connected by common subject matter. Now Twitter is allowing all users to create their own moments. Previously the feature was limited to Twitter employees and publishing partners. Users can pick and choose any Tweets, including Tweets from other users, to include and curate their Moment.

This gives marketers the opportunity to create personalized Moments with the help of the Twitter community. 93% of consumers find User Generated Content helpful when making a purchasing decision, so this could be another great tool for marketers to implement into their social strategy. Maybe I should create a Moment curating worst first dates….

Twitter also announced they are testing a change that will replace the Moments tab with a feature called Explore. Way to be as confusing as possible, Twitter. First, you’re going to open up the Moments feature to everyone, and now you’re looking to possibly replace it with a new feature. Before you start freaking out, a key word to point out is “tab”. Yes, the Moments tab will be replaced, but the feature will still be available in the app. Twitter crisis averted. The Explore feature will be an expanded version of Moments with more useful data for users.

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With this, Twitter is looking to put content discovery right in front of the user. The Explore feature will highlight trending topics and search alongside Moments. This change will make it easier to direct users to content surrounding live events and topics in the news, which has become a priority for Twitter. Currently, the Explore feature is appearing only in Twitter’s iOS and only a handful of users are seeing their Moments being replaced by the Explore tab. For now, it’s your moment to shine and share your personalized story through Moments. We’ll keep you updated on when this feature completes testing and is rolled out to everyone.

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