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JIBE, social job hunt, social job board, web 2.0, job boardLooking for a job in this market can be anything but easy.  With companies downsizing left and right, it may feel like there aren’t any openings you are eligible for.  Some job-hunters go months without so much as a call back.  While we can’t make any guarantees, we do have a little bit of faith in the aid of our expertise: social media.

LinkedIn has long been considered the king of networking in the social media realm.  With complete resume visibility and the opportunity for unlimited connections, LinkedIn has time and time again made networking via social media a breeze.  However, newcomer JIBE is offering an alternative, or perhaps complement to the social networking giant.  Instead of simply providing social profiles of professionals worldwide, JIBE offers a fully interactive, Web 2.0 Job Board – and then gives you your in.  Upon registration, JIBE users allow the site to access their Facebook and LinkedIn connections.  JIBE reads through profiles, and sorts connections into companies.  Then, once it knows exactly who you have a connection to, it shows you job listings complete with your connections.  For instance, if my friend Jane Doe was previously employed at Wells Fargo, JIBE might tell me to consider an open marketing position there.

Similar to any other job board, users can then search through categories, companies, or zip codes to view appropriate jobs.  The social connection though, is what makes the experience unique.  According to the site’s traffic, that social connection is exactly what job-hunters have been looking for.  The following chart (via shows an estimate of the site’s traffic since its inception a few months ago:

jibe traffic, job board traffic, social job hunt, social networkingThough compared to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn these numbers are minimal, the huge increase in two months is cause for notice.  In the startup world, big traffic increases like this are definitely a good sign, and at Serendipit we love to find fun new startups, especially in the world of social media.  While JIBE may not be taking over Facebook anytime soon, it definitely seems worthy of a glance for those on the hunt for a new job.

Happy job hunting!


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