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Manteresting – The Male Pinterest?

Manteresting – The Male Pinterest?

Serendipit introduces the platform, Manteresting, where nailing and bumping are replacing the concept of pinning.

Pinterest is a fantastic social media tool for marketers. One of its major weaknesses, however, is that it appeals to a mostly female audience. 80% of Pinterest users are female. For whatever reasons, many men stay away from Pinterest because they think it is too feminine for them. While this is not true, it is the perception that many men have. Enter in

Manteresting is basically Pinterest aimed at the male demographic. It has the same basic site structure. A wood grain background has replaced the soft background colors of Pinterest. The terminology is different. Instead of pins and re-pins there are nails and re-nails. Instead of liking something you give it a bump. Boards are replaced with benches. The content is much more male-centric. Let’s face it, there are a lot more photos of bacon, cars and women on Manteresting.

Manteresting is growing. They already have 5,000 likes on Facebook. They have been featured on Buzzfeed, Maxim magazine, and E! Celebrity gossip. Increased traffic has actually caused some overload problems with their servers.

Some companies are already attempting to sell their products on Manteresting, the same way companies do on Pinterest. Retail companies are putting pictures of clothes on Manteresting the same way it is done on Pinterest. A man that would never dream of shopping on Pinterest now has a different social media outlet that is targeted towards him.

For companies that have seen success at targeting women on Pinterest, this could be their opportunity to have the same success with men. It also opens the door for companies that produce male-focused products. Manteresting is still small, but it is worth keeping an eye on for many marketers who are hoping to find the next big social media trend.

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