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Meet Fancy

Meet Fancy

Meet Fancy

Serendipit Consulting would like to formally introduce you to Fancy, the new social interactive site.

Did you think that Pinterest was going to be as good as it got when it came to sharing and finding inspirational photos and products? Think again, Fancy is the latest platform that combines the features of a blog, magazine and e-commerce website. Think Pinterest and Stumble Upon combined with purchasing capabilities and a stronger focus on products currently available on the market place. In addition, Fancy enables you to sign in with your Google + account to streamline all of your interests and hobbies. Similar to the sites that connect to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, Google + allows for sign in capabilities as well now.

Similar to Pinterest, Fancy enables you to group the things that you “fancy” so that you can always carry your favorite things with you. It also allows for you to take photos where ever you are to add to your collection. In addition to purchasing items for yourself, Fancy allows you to purchase gifts for your friends and see the things that they fancy.

Fancy also provides you with a Fancy Box subscription service, similar to that of Birch Box. They create a monthly gift box for you based off of your favorite products and interests. This box will include the latest and greatest product samples customized for you for a $39 monthly subscription fee.

So what does this mean for your business? Well, Fancy allows for companies to create a brand page to showcase products or services offered. This is a great way to socialize in the e-commerce space. Fancy also includes a mobile app, so the platform will give your brand a large reach across your target market.

Unsure how to implement the latest tech trends and platforms into your marketing mix? Let Serendipit do the heavy lifting and elevate your brand’s message!



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