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LindedIn Mobile App

Weekly Wrap-Up: Job Hunting Goes Mobile

Serendipit takes a look at a new way the mobile generation job hunts

As Millennials begin searching for jobs, the need for mobile apps rises. Going digital doesn’t cut it anymore, as Millennials are constantly on their phone and plugged into current social apps 24/7. We take a look at a few job search apps who are now catering to them.

LindedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn has over 300 million users, and 40% of which access their services on mobile devices. So if you are on the look for a new job, this app can easily allow you to search for and apply for jobs all at the palm of your hand. And business owners, make sure to have your complete job posting online so you don’t miss out on any new talent.

Another company catering to the mobile needs of Millennials is Jobr. Their goal is to connect talented individuals with the job they never knew was waiting – again, all in the palm of your hand. They also have a great blog that benefits both job seekers and companies hiring.

Do you search for jobs on your iPhone? Make sure to check out our lasted job postings in our Career section on our website.

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