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MySpace Attempts to Regain its Users By Sending Embarrassing #Throwbacks

Serendipit Recaps MySpace’s New Strategy of Regaining Old Users by Sending out their Old and Embarrassing Photos via Email.

 Do you remember MySpace? Well they are pulling out all of the stops to get you back.  The social network is emailing previous users old photos of themselves that they had previously posted on the site in the hopes of getting them to use MySpace again.  The emails include one or two old photos and a line that says, “Your Photos, Redelivered. The good, the rad and the what were you thinking…” along with a link that takes users to their old MySpace profiles. It is a crafty way to try and retain members or at least drive traffic to the website. By sending old users their throwbacks, it draws them in to find more embarrassing things that they used to post to the site, such as checking out your “top eight.”

MySpace is still fairly popular with music lovers and up and coming bands, since it allows for free streaming and uploading of music, but the social interactive piece has somewhat been lost in translation.  This new and personalized way of bringing old users back in might be just what they need to amp up other focuses of their site related to social interaction

Have you received any emails from MySpace with your #throwbacks? Comment below and let us know or tweet us @serendipit !

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