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Nap time- How sleeping on the job could help your business

The week is in full swing. The hours are going slow and the to-do list is getting long. Everyone is in need of a motivation and productivity boost—what’s the solution?

One trend that is sleep— I mean– sweeping across the nation is workplace naptime, according to Sound silly? Well businesses implementing this unconventional sleep strategy are seeing big results (many of them are multi-million dollar companies!).

The tradition of the midday nap goes back centuries as a way of escaping hot temperatures in Spain and Mexico, but now science is stepping in and saying that naps are the way to go. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley stated that naps “not only right the wrong of prolonged wakefulness but, at a neurocognitive level, they move you beyond where you were before.”

Don’t worry—we aren’t talking about hour-long sleep breaks here (though that sounds kind of nice…), but short and revitalizing fifteen-minute “power naps.” These short sleep intervals recharge the brain– increasing productivity, concentration and job satisfaction.

It’s a known fact that sleep is one of the most important things in maintaining good health, but who knew it could also help the success of your business?

Here at Serendipit we are all about afterwork naps (and happy hours), but we can’t imagine taking even fifteen minutes out of the workday to sleep! Maybe it’s because our brains work at a million miles per hour or because we just love what we do so much? I’m not sure, but if naps are what work for you and your company — make sure your office is full of comfy couches!

So why not try out naptime at work? Let us know how it affects your mood, productivity and creativity! Oh, but please run it by your boss first ☺

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