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New AP Guidelines Released

As a PR and Marketing firm, The Associated Press Stylebook is not only our friend, we’ve accepted it as another member of our team (luckily, it doesn’t require a paycheck). Naturally, when Mashable published “AP Stylebook Adds 42 New Guidelines for Social Media,” we began drooling over our computer screen.

While the article cites that some changes had previously been released, many are brand new, and very exciting to the world of journalism. These 42 changes are specific to Social Media, and help journalists understand how to best use online tools like Facebook and Twitter.

A few highlights of the changes:

  • “Web site” is officially “website”
  • “Smart phone” is officially two words
  • “BRB”, “G2G”, and “ROFL” officially made the cut

The one tidbit of information that I found the most interesting: while “unfriend” and “defriend” are both now official AP accepted words, the Guidelines cite “unfriend” as the recommended, more common choice.

Here at Serendipit, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest copy.  To get your very own, or learn more about the newest guidelines, visit the self-proclaimed “Journalist’s Bible” at AP Stylebook Online.


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