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New Changes for a New Year

If you thought Jan. 1, 2011 was going to be a day of rest and relaxation, it seems that you thought wrong.  It is quickly becoming obvious in many different industries that companies had full intent to hit the ground running in 2011, Serendipit included!  With big announcements popping up on a daily basis, it is hard to keep up with all the changes.  With all these changes, what a great week to reinstate the weekly wrap up! We’re excited to share some of the biggest brand-name news in the industry today, so sit back, read up, and pass it on.

1. Starbucks Logo

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What’s that, Starbucks? The Gap logo crisis didn’t scare you? Hm, alright, well – we’ll see how this one goes.  Earlier this week, Starbucks announced their own new logo, shown at the left.  The new logo is displayed on the front cup, trailed by the logo’s three predecessors.  Starbucks did take a cautionary step Gap forgot, by announcing the new logo before simply displaying it on collateral.  The debate is hot on the Starbucks topic as it was for Gap, but this time, the sides are very split.  Some argue that the logo represents a smart, progressive step in Starbucks history, while others think it is cheap and virtually unrecognizable.  Starbucks says they will begin using the new logo in March.

2. The Mac App Store

Don’t have the Mac App Store yet? Gosh, you are so Wednesday afternoon.  Yesterday, Apple released the new Mac App Store, which was available for free for every Mac OS X v. 10.6 or later.  Instantly, the store bustled with activity, boasting one million downloaded apps after only 24 hours.  “Favorite Apps” were being shared across Twitter, Facebook, and blogs alike as Mac users rushed to find new downloads.  The store is automatically installed on all qualifying Macs after completing a required Software Update.

3. Skype Acquires Qik

This one is HUGE news! Wait, what? You’ve never heard of Qik? Okay fine, we’ll let you have this one: Qik may not be the most popular website.  However, that’s why this is huge news: because it is more than likely about to be! Qik is a free service that allows users to broadcast streaming video from a mobile device live on a personal website.  That means that next time Grandma can’t make it to a graduation, or Uncle Bob (regretfully) has to miss your pup’s 3rd birthday bash, you can record the event from your phone, and send the link for all to watch.  Although it is currently unclear, we are very excited to see where Skype takes this innovative app.  To learn more about Qik, check out our informational video.

4. Serendipit Moves

Though we like to consider ourselves movers (and shakers!) in any location, this time we mean it in the most literal sense.  We are so proud to announce the location of our brand new office in Arcadia!  Though we had a great setup in Tempe, we are very excited to now be on our own, in a space that leaves us room to grow.  We’re almost completely set up now, though we’ll definitely be in the organizing phases for awhile.  Our beautiful new office is located in Arcadia on 36th & Campbell and is so very us. We’d love for you to come visit us!

As mentioned, we sure have been moving fast so far this 2011, and on that note – time to get back to work!  But first, let us know your thoughts – Is the Starbucks logo atrocious, or smart?  What is your favorite new app in the App Store?  Most importantly: when are you coming to check out Serendipit’s new home?! Let us know in the comments!


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