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New iOS app Side Makes Marketing Easier!

The latest and greatest app, Side, is making marketing even easier!

Ever get those ads on the side of your Facebook page and wish they weren’t a reflection of your recent search engine results? Well, three Ivy League students have created a new app that better predicts which products you would like to buy. The iOS app, called Side, hit stores last month and is already creating quite the buzz!

In the simplest of terms, Side uses questions answered by you and your friends to help match products to your personality. To start, you will answer easy, two-choice questions about yourself and Facebook friends. Users will then be able to view and reply to what friends have been saying about them. There are two modes to the app: sprint and group. Sprint allows you to answer questions about yourself, while group allows you to answer questions regarding your closest friends!

Nithin Tumma, James Ruben, and Neel Patel eventually want to take their algorithm and create an API/ e-commerce platform. What does this mean? Basically, it would allow businesses that are trying to sell something online to utilize the algorithm on a site and suggest the right products, experiences and services to a consumer, making the online shopping experience a breeze!

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