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New Mobile Design for Facebook Business Pages

New Mobile Design for Facebook Business Pages

Everything that you need to know about the new mobile design for Facebook business pages.

It is important to remember that half of Facebook business page views are coming from a mobile device. That is why this new mobile makeover will enable your business’ Facebook fan page to remain attractive from any device. Let’s take a look at the main improvements summed up by HubSpot.

      1. Simplicity is Key – The new layout will give viewers a much cleaner and simplified look when visiting fan pages from their mobile device.
      2. Button Upgrades – The design has enhanced the interaction capabilities from a mobile device. Viewers can now like your page, check in, call  and click for more information with easier functionality. The “more” feature will allow viewers to share the fan page, send a message and copy the page link with a click of a button.
      3. Important Info First – Information such as the business map and address, rating and hours of operation is information that is considered to be the most important among consumers and the new design now features this information conveniently at the top of the page.
      4. Pinned Info – This is specifically important for admins. “Pinned” posts are now seen front and center on a mobile device. This is great for important events or other calls- to- action that your company wants to highlight on the Facebook fan page.

In addition, the new mobile makeover gives admins easier access when swapping from public view to admin view. This is important when posting for brands on a regular basis.

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