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Olympic Social Media Wrap-Up

-Olympic Social Media Wrap-Up- 

Serendipit Consulting presents the Olympic Social Media Wrap-Up 

The Olympic Games have greatly impacted social media efforts thus far. This year has been the most watched year that the Olympic Games have ever seen and brands are definitely taking advantage of it! Companies such as British Airways, General Electric, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble have used the Olympics to heavily increase their current social media presence.

British Airways has continued to create buzz around the #HomeAdvantage hashtag with the intent of instilling a home country advantage in the United Kingdom citizens. In addition, the campaign taglines the phrase: “Don’t fly. Support Team GB.” This was quite astonishinging to many people considering that British Airways makes money on people flying with their airline. Reverse psychology possibly?

General Electric jumped on the tech-savvy bandwagon with the creation of their Healthyshare application. The app was created with the purpose of encouraging users to stay active and challenge themselves with Olympic Athlete workouts. They have also reconstructed their website to center their focus around the Olympics with constant statistical updates and facts.

Coca-Cola has concentrated their social media efforts to surround their “Move to the Beat” campaign which urges followers to create and share music videos across social media platforms. They have also implemented a Beatbox Pavillion into the Olympic Park, which includes musical pads to listen to while wall climbing.

Procter & Gamble pulled on some emotional heart strings with their “Thank You Mom” campaign, that is centered around Ryan Lochte and his mother. The interview was tweeted out among Olympic Athletes and created a viral buzz for Lochte.