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We are a full-service creative agency that provides a
wide range of marketing services for clients on a
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What is your brand’s story?

Each brand has one; you just may not know what to do with it or haven’t written it yet. That is where we step in. Our team has created a unique branding process that creates or reinvents a brand’s identity from the ground up. Whether you need an entire rebranding package or just a little nudge in the right direction, we can help you create a new logo, brand standards guide, website, as well as brand messaging, positioning and tagline development. We will tell your story in a way that connects your brand to your audience and engages every step of the way.

  • Brand Strategy Creation
  • Persona Development
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Identity Package – Letterhead, Business Cards, Email Signature
  • Alexis, Melissa and the Serendipit team have been nothing short of an amazing partner to me and to Asset Campus Housing. If we need something, they are there in the trenches with us to ensure that each property stands out in the marketplace. They know the drill, they get it, they rollup their sleeves and get the job done. They are quick, dependable and most importantly they are great people that do a great job.

    Joe Goodwin_Asset Campus Housing
    Joe Goodwin VP of Marketing at Asset Campus Housing

Our Clients

Serendipit has been lucky enough to work with some outstanding brands and companies locally, nationally and internationally in a variety of capacities and industries.

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