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Why Social Media?

If your company hasn’t joined the social media movement yet, the time has come for you to jump on board. It is not a fad or a trend; social media is a legitimate marketing tool that delivers proven results. The opportunities are endless when it comes to engaging in real-time conversations with your customers, potential customers, industry professionals and media bloggers through social media.

We have the skills and experience to generate real results through social media. With an effective content strategy, we will engage with your fans and followers to create a strong presence in the realm of social media. The social world is constantly evolving, so let us ensure that your brand continues to evolve with it. Our team uses a variety of web analytic tools to accurately analyze the results of our social media efforts and customize each new campaign.

  • Creation of Custom Facebook Tabs Promoting ROI and Engagement, Video and Photo Gallery Showcases
  • Custom Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ and Instagram Profile Design Utilizing Brand Look, Feel and Personality
  • Create Content to Encourage Repeat Visits and Ongoing Engagement
  • Shop and Share Integration to Bridge Social Interaction and eCommerce Activities
  • Promotional Campaign Messaging and Design Elements on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, and Instagram, Regular Promotion, Sales and Off-and-Online Specials
  • Integration Between all Social Outlets
  • Referral Applications with Customer Promotional Codes
  • As a Concierge Cardiology Practice, we have a very special niche that we must reach in order to gain members for our practice. Serendipit’s PR and marketing efforts helped us not only gain new members, but fill our practice.

    Dr. Feyrer-Melk Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center
  • Serendipit is at the top of the game – the team’s knowledge of marketing, social media, and the press is excellent. Of most importance to me is the speed at which they do what they say they will do – their turnover time, reliability, and going well beyond requirements sets them apart. I have had literally zero frustration with waiting for a project to be done, a reply to an email, or happiness with the project. This is unusual to find, and it’s nice to have the Serendipit team on top of things for my company 100% of the time

    Lynne King Smith_TicketForce
    Lynne King Smith CEO of TicketForce

Our Clients

Serendipit has been lucky enough to work with some outstanding brands and companies locally, nationally and internationally in a variety of capacities and industries.

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  • Trinity Capital Investment
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