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Pinstagram, The Next Big Thing?

It’s official, Pinterest and Instagram are having a baby and naming it Pinstagram. It is only natural that two of the most social outlets to this day would combine to create a mega outlet, with ultimate photo sharing capabilities. Pinstagram is still in the beginning stages with most of it’s features closely paralleling those of Instagram, and the layout resembling that of Pinterest.

The outlet was created by Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo as a “weekend project.” When interviewed by, Pongpaet joked, “We thought it would be hilarious to combine them because they are two of the hottest and most valuable companies on the planet.” So far the response has already been overwhelming. They haven’t been contacted by Pinterest or Instagram, but all the feedback they’ve gotten has been positive.

Pinstagram is definitely built for success and will soon be at the top of the charts. The outlet allows for Instagram users to view their account online with the Pinterest design, instead of soley by the phone application. The managing capabilites far surpass those of the previous application, and allow for more accessible engagement with followers.

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