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Pinterest Introduces “Rich Pins”

Pinterest Updates “Rich Pins”

Big changes are coming to Pinterest. Earlier this week, an announcement was made that the virtual pinboard would finally be introducing an ad platform to its popular site. If that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, Pinterest has also disclosed a new, productive way to pin news articles.

What does this mean exactly? Brands who want to utilize Pinterest to its full potential can now pin articles of any sort. Although this was possible before, a new design allows your articles to stand out even more. An updated look helps shows off the important information that you pin, including story headline, author name, description of story (similar to meta description) and a source URL. Previously, articles pinned on Pinterest only contained photos from the article with a shortened link at the bottom.

“We’re always looking for ways to make pins more useful so that when you discover and pin something great, it’s easy to act on it, whether that’s cooking a dish, watching a movie, buying a new gadget or reading an article,” Jon Parise, a software engineer at Pinterest, wrote on the company’s blog.

This is great news for brands, because now they can use this change to their advantage by promoting all of the marketing content from their website. It will also help companies look for innovative ways to incorporate visual content into all of their posts.

How do you think Pinterest’s latest update will impact the way media outlets utilize the website? Share your thoughts with us by sending a tweet to @Serendipit.

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