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Pinterest's Now-Trending Tool

Pinterest’s Now-Trending Tool

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network with 53 million users per month and more clout than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to e-commerce. They have created a “Now-Trending” tool, where visitors can see which pins and products are getting the most attention.

This tool is only available for partners to utilize, like Walmart and Zappos, but Pinterest is planning to open the option up for all ecommerce sites in the near future. All that the e-commerce site would need is a business account with Pinterest, which is very easy to set up.

By having the “Now-Trending” tool on your website, your visitors would be able to see which of your products are generating the the most buzz among Pinterest users. This is every marketer’s dream as it provides social proof that cannot be argued with.

Another tool that will soon be available to Pinterest users is “filtering.” This will allow users to filter pins by the categories of most-pinned, recently pinned, and many other options. All of these new features are just furthering Pinterest’s goal of becoming the go-to site for online content discovery.

What do you think about this new feature? Looking for advice on how to implement the tool into your own business page? Contact us today or share your thoughts by sending a tweet to @Serendipit.

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