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Practice Perfect Timing!

perfect timing, science of timingEver wonder how many times you should be tweeting each day? Which day of the week evokes the most Facebook comments?  Or what about the ideal time of day to publish a blog? Serendipit recently had the opportunity to participate in a HubSpot Webinar, The Science of Timing, hosted by market researcher, Dan Zarrella, where we learned a ton of information that we are excited to experiment with and share with you! The webinar focused specifically on Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Email lists. Here are some highlights we thought were the most valuable.

  1. People who Tweet up to 20 times a day tend to have the most re-tweets. Remember, each tweet’s content should vary, as it violates Twitter policy to repeat a post. However, including the same link with different content multiple times a day proves to be the most effective way to go.
  2. Blogs published at 11am ET receive the most attention. You are then able to catch people on their lunch break or down time. Blogs receive the least amount of attention on the weekends.
  3. Facebook participation spikes on the weekends. Many employers block Facebook at work and people use the weekends to catch up on what they’ve missed. Continue to post on Saturdays and Sundays!

To experiment with your own timing, you may want to check out the new website,TweetWhen. By plugging in your information, TweetWhen will display your peak posting and response times. We will continue to test out these tricks and keep you posted on our progress!


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