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Weekly Wrap-Up: Puppies and Football – The Perfect Combo

Weekly Wrap-Up: Puppies and Football – The Perfect Combo

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with puppies and football!

It is no secret that the Serendipit team loves puppies, so in honor of this weekend’s festivities we are wrapping up The Puppy Bowl. The Animal Planet will be hosting the ninth annual Puppy Bowl this Sunday, featuring two teams full of man’s best friend! Many brands are leveraging the Super Bowl into their Marketing Mix this year, but Animal Planet has taken it one step further without focusing on the actual Super Bowl itself.

Animal Planet went beyond the traditional component of Super Bowl commercials and advertising by creating a successful campaign that engages the audience and includes something every audience loves – puppies. The key to entering a new campaign market, as they did, is to find a niche opportunity that competitors may have not leveraged yet. The Puppy Bowl has created a great deal of brand awareness for Animal Planet and has become an event that consumers have grown to associate with the brand.

We have provided a sample of The Puppy Bowl for your viewing pleasure – you’re welcome.


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