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Vine, an app which lets you share short video clips, gained immense popularity in 2013, particularly among younger audiences. Twitter snagged Vine in 2012 before the service had even launched. Now, three years later, Twitter has announced that it will no longer be allowing users to upload content through the app.

While many internet users expressed immense sadness at the loss of this entertaining social network, it is not surprising that Twitter is breaking our hearts. Twitter has been on the struggle bus for more than a minute now, and with stagnant user growth and rumors of a sale, it’s not too shocking they’re saying buh-bye to Vine.

Plus, over half of Vine’s top 9,725 accounts had either deleted their profiles or stopped posting to the platform since the start of 2016. Why? Many successful “Viners” had moved their efforts to other platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram, bringing their dedicated audiences with them.

It was later reported by Mic that some of these top Vine users collectively sent proposals to Twitter after seeing these lower numbers. They stated that they would create a certain amount of content for Vine in exchange for a few new platform features and $1.2 million dollars each. When Twitter did not comply, they walked.

While many mourn the loss of Vine, the bright side is that Twitter claims to be keeping Vine’s website up indefinitely so we can forever cherish our favorite 6-second videos. We asked our team to share some of their favorite Vines – enjoy!

Melissa M:









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