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Ronzio Recap – July 2015

Serendipit is excited to introduce the Ronzio Recap. Each month, we will be compiling an assortment of tips, tricks, and hacks from entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and #teamSerendipit friend, Chris Ronzio. Covering everything from healthcare recommendations to HR, below are a few of our favorite programs and platforms that Ronzio has recommended during the month of July. To view more, be sure to subscribe to his newsletter by visiting

  • Trying to make health and lifestyle changes? Check out Inside Tracker: a platform that recommends the changes you should make based on 30 biomarkers taken from a simple blood test.
  • Where does the time go? When you use Timelog, you’ll know. It’s an incredibly simple time tracking system to better your time management. Great for personal and professional use!
  • Trying to recruit quality people to your team? Try the platform Breezy HR to make the process much easier. Import profiles from LinkedIn for candidates and embed Breezy HR on your website and social media so that everyone is able to see your job postings.
  • Ruby Receptionists is a company based in Portland that will answer your calls if you’re just too busy. They’ll answer simple questions or direct inbound calls to where they need to be.

Productivity and efficiency are both highly important for bettering everyday life. For more recommendations of programs that can make your life just a bit easier, view Ronzio’s weekly newsletter for all of the latest updates.

Are you going to try incorporating one of these applications into your work life? Share your feedback with us on Twitter @Serendipit and @chrisronzio!

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