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Ronzio Recap – October 2015

As we are fast approaching the end of the year, things tend to get a little bit busier around the office. But never fear: the October 2015 Ronzio Recap is here! We’ve rounded up some apps and programs to help you be more productive during this busy holiday season – recommended by consultant, entrepreneur, and #teamSerendipit friend Chris Ronzio! Feel free to try one of these out sometime this November:

  • If your inbox is inundated with emails, you may just have to try Sanebox. This program will help you cut out clutter and organize your emails by importance!
  • Make meetings more meaningful with Worklife. Create your own agenda, track items, assign tasks, record notes, and collaborate.
  • Organize your social media content with Edgar. This program lets more people see your posts by organizing your content in a library that you can pull from.
  • Upwork allows you to post your jobs and help you find the freelancer you need for any project you may have. Find your perfect fit!

Have you used any of these programs before? Have a few apps you recommend yourself? We want to know! Start the conversation: tweet at us @serendipit at @chrisronzio!


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