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Ronzio Recap – September 2015

Another month has gone by which means it’s time for the Ronzio Recap – a roundup of recommendations from consultant, speaker, entrepreneur and friend of #teamSerendipit, Chris Ronzio. Check out the following tools that can be used to improve productivity in the workplace – and in everyday life:

  • For small tasks and updates you need implemented on your WordPress site, find helpful developers through WP Curve!
  • The ultimate screen capture experience, Recordit lets you record your screencast, turn it into an animated gif, upload it and copy the link to your clipboard for sharing.
  • Stats on stats on stats: Gmail Meter reviews your inbox and shares analytics with you. Find out who emails you the most, what times of the day you’re most productive and more!
  • Clara is your new robot assistant friend, using artificial intelligence to help you schedule your life’s activities. She remembers your favorite places, knows the urgency of each task and knows whether or not you’re available when scheduling an event.

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Try out one of these programs and let us know what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Twitter @Serendipit and @ChrisRonzio.

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