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Royal Wedding FEVER!

As some of you already know, many members of our lovely Serendipit team are coming up on first year anniversaries – meaning we’re still getting over bouts of serious wedding fever!  That being said, we can’t help but gush over the marketing tactics surrounding the pending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Of course, they’re lucky to have the whole Prince thing going on for them – so they don’t really need too much help as far as publicity goes.  However, there are a ton of examples of how unrelated companies have used the Royal Wedding as a means to get publicity themselves.

Many companies are using The Royal Wedding to brand new merchandise, such as mugs, picture frames, and other souvenirs. However, the Lord Chamberlain’s Office has released restrictions for certain items that may not be associated with the Royal Wedding, such as towels, aprons, and t-shirts, as these products are not “in good taste.”

Many restaurants and hotels are also offering Royal Wedding specials. Restaurants are offering Royal dishes, featuring the couple’s favorite meals, and many hotels are offering Royal getaway packages.

At Serendipit we love social media, and you’ve guessed it, the Royal Wedding is one step ahead of us. Facebook is offering a virtual wedding card for fans to sign, and iPad users can enjoy the Royal Wedding app, allowing them to gain access to over 20 hours of coverage on the day of the event. And be sure to follow it all on Twitter via @royalwedding!

Although many companies are taking advantage of the Royal Wedding brand, their PR department is paying special attention to social responsibility. Prince William and Kate Middleton have set up a charity gift website, where guests and fans are able to make a donation to charities that the couple feels are close to their heart.

With all the hype the Royal Wedding is attracting internationally, we’re confident April 29th will not be the last we hear of this Royal couple!  What are your plans for the big day? Will you be skipping work to watch the nuptials live? Let us know!


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