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Weekly Wrap-Up: Leveraging Ryan Gosling

Weekly Wrap-Up: Leveraging Ryan Gosling

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with the beloved Ryan Gosling and how he has been leveraged for adversting.

Ryan Gosling has an extremely large following of both male and females alike, and has established quite the comedic reputation online with the “Hey Girl” memes that everyone knows and loves. With his latest movie, Gangster Squad, hitting theaters yesterday, a new advertising strategy is being seen that takes advantage of Ryan Gosling’s strong online reputation.

Mashable shares an image that was tweeted out about the grand opening of Gangster Squad that says, “Are you weak in the knees yet?” Without directly referencing the popular “Hey Girl” memes, Warner Bros. is definitely taking advantage of the fact that one of their main stars is a heart throb.

This trend of movie companies stepping outside of the box with their advertising is something that we will continue to be seeing more of. The release of 007 Skyfall this past year not only incorporated social media into their advertising efforts, but also created an innovative YouTube video by partnering with Coke Zero that instantly went viral among the fans.

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