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Safeguard Security in the News!

In the hot Arizona summer, everyone is looking for an escape.  While that pool in the backyard may not resemble Hawaii, it sure does seem to beat a mid-morning hike, or many of the other outdoor luxuries we enjoy the rest of the year.  In fact, many consumers spend thousands of dollars on relatively minor upgrades for their pools, and when doing complete redesign, the price escalates quickly.  However, there is a very serious downside.  Think about how tempting your perfectly manicured pool looks after a long, hot day of work. Now, imagine that same temptation magnified in the mind of a 5-year-old.  Without the knowledge of caution and safety, it may be too much for your children to resist.

That’s where Safeguard Security comes in.  Safeguard’s newest system offers “Total Connect” – a program that allows you to be totally connected with your home at all times.  We know you can’t be everywhere at once, but Total Connect takes you one step closer.  Safeguard will put sensors on dangerous parts of your house (ie the pool gate, the liquor cabinet, or the safe) and will alert you (via email or text) when they are opened.  So, if you left the kids at home with the babysitter with strict instructions to stay inside, and you get a text message saying that the pool gate is ajar… it might be a good time to call and check on the kids.

We’re thrilled that Safeguard is putting this extra effort into protecting the little tykes who fill our days with joy, and we’re equally thrilled that ABC15 recognized the positive accomplishment.  Safeguard was featured in a TV segment on the 6 o’clock news, and an online article.  Check the article out here: Text Messages Help Prevent Drownings.

Congrats Safeguard!


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