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Serendipit Spotlight: Bailey

Hey, all! My name is Bailey, and I am a Social Media Strategist & Content Writer at Serendipit Consulting. You might know me from B’s Buzz, and if not, you’re missing out. Go check it out now. Well, actually, after reading this blog.

I’ve been working at Serendipit for nearly a year now, and I can honestly say no two days have been the same, which is perfect for my bubbly and impromptu spirit.

If you pop by Serendipit Consulting (which you should), you can typically find me in one of a few places. Bouncing around ideas in brainstorms, collaborating (and bickering) with the designers, chatting about trash tv while getting a (4th) cup of coffee in the kitchen, or tucked away in my little creative cove diving into data, creating all kinds of content, and socializing the crap out of social media. I also am often bopping around helping my colleagues as much as possible. In my role as a social media strategist, I’m able to act as a resource for all teams and clients. I can’t say I love when someone sneaks up and scares me while I’m jamming out to Sheryl Crow and on a writing roll, but helping someone discover a solution to their problem or teaching them how to use a new app or reporting tool, that I love.

While being on #TeamSerenipit, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many different client accounts in many different industries. I am an extremely curious being, so I enjoy constantly learning and exposing myself to new markets and types of commerce.

If you met me, you most definitely would never expect me to be behind some of the social media accounts I have managed. I have administered profiles for businesses in the fields of heating and plumbing, CoolSculpting, law practice, roofing, craft beer, acupuncture, hospitality, and more. Now, the topic and tone have narrowed down for me, and I get to live in what we call the “Student Housing Bubble.” While the content and audience are more uniform, my accounts now vary drastically by location and demographic. Each student housing property is located in a different city around the United States. Not good for my travel bug, but that’s a different story.

Work days at Serendipit Consulting are just as varied as the list of clients we serve. For me, the best thing about coming to work day after day is that I never know what I will be greeted with. Sometimes it’s blaring 90’s music, occasionally it’s a silly prank, often it’s dogs, other times is beers, and when it’s a really good day, it’s all of the above.

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