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Serendipit Spotlight: Luis

Hello, my name is Luis, and I am a Social Media Specialist at Serendipit Consulting. I’ve been with #TeamSerendipit for what will soon be a year and time has flown by! I’ve had a fantastic time from the moment I walked into the office the day of my first interview to this moment, writing a blog for our website – not to mention the company happy hours and the fridge always full of your favorite beer.

Ever since I started with Serendipit, life seems to be full of laughs, work I’m passionate about, and most importantly people that I genuinely care about and consider family.

So let’s dive a little deeper into what one of my days here looks like.

As soon as I get to the office, the first thing I do is go to my computer and get set up for the day. After my desktop is up and running, I take a stroll to our kitchen area, where I decide what’s for breakfast on any given day. My daily dose of 140mg caffeine via Monster Energy™ can also be found in the snack area.

Once breakfast is ready, I head over to my desk and get to it. I start by logging into Facebook – seriously. I scroll the feed a couple of times to see if there is anything worth looking at. After I’m done mining for content worth consuming, I head over to the business side of things. Facebook Business Manager is where all the magic happens, I create and manage Facebook ads for our clients.

Working at Serendipit gives me the opportunity to work on an array of different clients and industries. I manage their social media and also create ads on the Facebook platform, where I can track and optimize on a daily basis.

Once the middle of the day comes around, and some of the team members begin to feel creatively exhausted, we head into battle – the ping pong room, magic also goes down in here.

I’m currently working with a new client, which happens to be one of my favorites, Workuity. They offer professional coworking space to entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations in Phoenix, Arizona. Working on their digital marketing strategy has been one of the best experiences and lessons to be found.

Being at Serendipit allows me to follow my passion for marketing and advertising while spending time with a handful of inspired, passionate, and amazing individuals.

Don’t ever let small minded people show you the big picture.

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