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Serendipit Weekly Wrap-Up!

While it may have seemed like a slow week for news (there were no Chilean miners rescued, huge product sneaks, or mass partnerships announced), it was actually far from it. A deeper look into the World Wide Web shows that, of course, there are always big happenings if you look in the right place.  And this week, though there may not have been one topic that stayed trending on Twitter all through the week, there were some very big things happening for some very big-named companies.  Read on to find out who!

1. Toyota

We promised you big news from big names, and this one is definitely both.  This week, Toyota recalled 1.53 million cars this week, according to the Washington Post.  Although no accidents have yet been reported, Toyota says the problem is related to faulty brakes.  These 1.53 million cars add to the 10 million+ Toyota has recalled just this year.  Recalls have an interesting history in the marketing world.  Typically, they’re thought of as a very positive thing (we all know the famous Tylenol example… and if it weren’t for their recall, Tylenol would be a thing of the past). However, when a single company has repeated recalls, they may be in need of some reputation management.

2. Netflix

Netflix stunned its users today by being inaccessible for five hours (and counting!). Although outages are expected occasionally at times of heavy traffic, it is quite unusual for the popular movie and TV site to be down during the day, while its users are (allegedly) at work.  The lengthy amount of downtime signals that something else must be going on with the site, though so far, Netflix has released only very vague comments.  While a few hours without streamable movies may not seem so terrible, check out Google’s current popular searches:

netflix down, current google trends

Taking two of Google’s top search results is no small feat – but Googlers seemed to be upset enough about Netflix’s outage to make it happen today!

3. Apple

Apple seems to be a bit of a consistency throughout our weekly wrap-up’s so far, and we swear we’re not doing it on purpose – they just keep giving us things to write about! This week, they’ve got quite a few. First, AdAge selected Apple “Marketer of the Decade” – proving us right for writing about them week after week! A recent release also announced that Apple (once again) broke their own records for quarterly revenue… big surprise there! To wrap up the week strong, today Apple released a beta version of FaceTime for Mac.  FaceTime is the same app that allows iPhone 4 users to video-chat with other iPhones.  Now, with the Mac app, iPhone 4 users can video-chat with other iPhone 4 users, or with Mac users who have downloaded the software.  The application is available for free at!

4. Muscle Milk

We are very proud to announce that one of our newest clients, Muscle Milk, launched a new, exclusive ASU-branded Muscle Milk bottle – flavored “Genuine Fire”.  To celebrate the launch of the new bottle, Muscle Milk is throwing a Bottle Launch Party at Campus Suites on Apache and McClintock. The event will take place tomorrow, October 22, from 2-6pm.  Available for attendees will be intro to yoga classes, inflatable jousting, rock-climbing, Muscle Milk samples, a DJ, and more!

That’s it for this week! Check back next week for another Serendipit Weekly Wrap-Up!


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