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Serendipit – Your Franchise Marketing Experts

Whether you are starting a brand new franchise concept or you are a seasoned franchise owner, one thing you’ll need is a strong Marketing and Public Relations team. Marketing and PR work cohesively to be the glue that holds your franchise concept together. Many questions arise when deciding on who your Marketing and PR teams should be. The biggest question is whether or not to hire an outside agency and if so, who? There are many benefits to hiring a kick-ass agency (like ourselves) for your franchises:


1. Brand – One of the biggest struggles you and your franchisees may find is sticking to the brand. Having a team in place to make sure each franchise has the same, consistent messaging across all markets is critical – especially if you are building a new franchise concept. Serendipit can easily take that task off your plate by managing all brand-related projects and requests and provide your franchisees what they need by creating brand guidelines from the start.  There’s No I in

2. Team – That’s right, you will have a full team to support you and more! We don’t like to put just one person on an account as we believe each client should have a collaborative team of experts. Between-group brainstorms, weekly internal meetings, and daily discussions, we always are thinking of new, creative ways to help your concept grow. We have PR, marketing, branding, design, social media, and digital services and more all under one roof where we can easily assess your franchise needs in a quick, efficient manner.

3. Time – There never seems to be enough time, right? Wrong. Hiring an agency will give you more time to focus building your franchise concept while we take care of the day-to-day tasks for you.  Too busy to get something done? No problem, we have the resources to take care of every and any project for you.

4. Resources – One perk of being in an agency are all the relationships and resources we build upon over the years. Have a press release that needs to be pitched to the media? Great, we have relationships established already with a wide range of journalists. If we don’t have relationships in your market, we know exactly what to say to create one. Need a large print job? That’s a breeze. We have several vendors we can go through to get you the best possible print cost. Utilizing the resources we already have in place will save you time and money.

5. Playbook – At Serendipit we create a custom marketing playbook for each franchise concept that has everything your franchisee will need to know to market their business the way the corporate team envisions. We outline everything marketing related to make it simple and easy for each franchisee. Whether they are new to marketing or have the experience, we have it covered. We want to make sure each franchisee has all the tools necessary to fully execute your brand to its fullest potential.

6. Perspective – As an agency, we work with a wide range of clients. This allows us to provide a fresh perspective on your franchise concept. We may have an idea that worked really well for one client that will also work for you that you may have never even thought of. Since our minds are usually running a mile a minute bouncing between clients, this allows us to keep a wide perspective and really figure out what will work best for your concept.

7. Keeping it Organized – As each franchisee signs their lease, it can get chaotic fast. Since we have so many hands available on your account, we can streamline communication, project requests, promotions, etc. between each franchise. We can also share helpful marketing initiatives that have worked in different markets that will benefit everyone. We often find that franchisees want to know what others are doing in other markets and we are that “middle-man” that can communicate those imperative messages, so you as a franchisor don’t have to.


If you are looking to start a franchise concept or need a refresh on your current concept, give us a call, email or even send us a tweet. We are here to take your concept to the next level.

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