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Should PR Practices Include Text Messaging?

As a consumer, if you were to receive a text message from Coca-Cola would you delete it?

Public Relations specialists are examining the use of text messages as a branding tool and outreach opportunity to their customers. With our iPhones (and to you non-Apple addicts with your smartphones) constantly in our hand, the world is at our fingertips…literally. We use our phones to scan the news, upload photos instantaneously to Twitter and announce exciting, new information to Facebook; but does that mean that we want to receive our favorite brand’s information on our phone?

As part of an outreach strategy, individuals could choose to “opt-in” to a brand’s text messaging program to receive promotions, exclusive offers and insider news.

Are you still not sure where you stand on this issue? Here are some facts:

TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas was not receiving a high enough return rate through traditional print and email marketing. Their goal was to create an easy way to capture their customer’s information once they were inside the club. They thought outside of the box and created a new strategy: A call to action via text messaging. The call to action read, “Text the word TAO the number 25827 (CLUBS) from your mobile phone to receive exclusive invites to events at TAO,” that was posted on all marketing materials, the website and the club’s TV screens.

The result: A 2,000 person subscriber list within the first 3 weeks of the Club Texting campaign. The total amount TAO earned from attendees obtained from their campaign was $6,170.

The numbers speak for themselves. With that said, asked their online PR professional community the following question: “Will texting be part of your PR outreach in 2012?” 55% of readers said yes, 32% said no and 13% said they might.

We now turn the question to OUR readers: Would you like to see more text message campaigns from your favorite brands in 2012?

Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts below!

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