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Simple Rule: Keep Your Emails To 5 Sentences or Less

Serendipit Discusses A Simple Rule of Email Communication: Keeping your Messages 5 Sentences or Less

 As We all know, there are many people who enjoy playing wordsmith, but when it comes to email communication, especially with the millennial generation, there is simply not enough time in the day for long detailed emails.  With inboxes receiving so many emails a day, keeping your email messages short and sweet will help to keep your Student Housing Property ahead of the game with email communication and reaching more potential residents.  Here are some tips to help keep your messages 5 sentences or less:

Cut Out Extra Words:

Many people think that by adding extra words to your writing, you will help soften the language or make it sound more intelligent. Although in Email, it is not your job to be a wordsmith. People do not have time for that, and are looking for quick and easy communication, especially college students. Try to cut out transition phrases and to simply get to the point.

Be Concise, Not Confusing

Have your goal be to have the reader not ask any questions after reading your email. You do not want to have your message be cryptic because you are trying to cut out words. Instead be smart with your words and instead of trying to cut out so much that it becomes a puzzle, be clear and concise.

Cut The Fluff

Every email does not need to start with a welcoming phrase like “Hope all is well” or “How are you”. Instead, get down to business and let the reader know why you are emailing them.  Personalization is important, but you still want your community’s emails to be genuine.


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