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Snapchat Fires Back at Instagram

If you were craving to get your insider news on the Snapchat and Instagram war, you came to the right place. It seems like being a copycat is the king of trends currently.

Not to be out done, Snapchat fired back at Instagram and copied two of their features. The first being the ability to rewind through Stories. We’ve all experienced the hardships of watching a 20-Snap story. You mindlessly swipe away to get past each one. When all of a sudden you swipe to quick and pass the snap you wanted to see. Say goodbye to your frustrations, and say hello to being able to rewind to the snaps you wanted to look at. The next feature Snapchat is copying is the ability to share snaps from user’s public Stories with their friends. Similar to the Instagram Direct Message feature, users can share snaps through private messages with their friends.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 12.11.49 PMIMG_1721unnamed

In non-copycat news, Snapchat is launching their World Lenses. They are similar to the selfie filters you can apply, except they don’t apply to your face. These new lenses are meant to augment the reality around you and your surroundings. Users can add snowfall to the background, rainbow-vomiting clouds, and much more.

The biggest implication for marketers is the addition of World Lenses. With the rising popularity of video content, Snapchat is adding one more feature to make your content more innovative and unique. As if marketers weren’t creative enough with what they were given, now the potential for video content has risen.

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