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Social Media Day 2017: Social Media Tips for Business Owners

Social media is one of the biggest components to producing successful marketing. If your business is not on social media, you’re making a big mistake and opening the doors for your competitors to reach customers you can’t. On Social Media Day, Team Serendipit went live on Facebook Live and shared tips on how businesses can effectively use social media. (If you missed our Facebook Live, don’t fret. We posted the livestream video on our Facebook page). Let’s see what Team Serendipit had to say about social media.



Social media is an ideal platform to bring your brand directly to your target audience and generate awareness. However, to effectively use social media correctly, business owners need to understand how to craft content that aligns with their brand. This all starts with figuring out your brand’s tone of voice and understanding your target audience. First, brands need to identify who they are. A good way to think of this is if you can personify your brand, how would they talk to your target audience. Are you trying to be knowledgeable, edgy, trendy, professional, etc.? Once you’ve identified what is your brand’s tone, you can start crafting your messaging around that. When creating your message, think about what your audience is seeking on social media and what would be useful to them. Being too “salesy” or posting content that is not reflective of your brand and expertise can be a major turn off to your audience. Also, it’s important to know what each social media platform excels in and what audience they cater to. More or less, Facebook is a platform to humanize your brand, Twitter is where instant, quick conversations happen, and LinkedIn is where professionals like to meet and network. You may have to adjust your content to cater to the platform’s audience, but in the end, your brand’s tone and messaging should be uniform all across.


Video Content:

If you haven’t noticed on your social media feed, video content is constantly being shared and watched at a high volume. A majority of the social media giants are stressing the importance of video content, and more business owners are investing in video marketing. Video is the future of social media and marketing, and this is the perfect time for business owners to join in on the action. Many people don’t realize this, but you have access to one of the best and most affordable video cameras to create content. Haven’t figured it out yet? It’s your cellphone. Videos should be all about the content and not the equipment. If business owners produce videos with engaging and compelling content relevant to their brand and audience, viewers will flock to your video no matter the quality. As you start ramping up video production and producing more videos, that is the time to start thinking about investing in higher quality video equipment. Businesses who are ready to scale up their video production without breaking the bank should invest in the MEVO camera. This is the best option for businesses who are looking to produce more live video content and move beyond their cellphones. With that in mind, take out your phone, start filming, experiment with your video content, and see what attracts your audience the most.


Instagram Stories:

Since the launch of Instagram Stories, they have surpassed Snapchat’s audience, becoming one of the most popular features on Instagram. Many users may not know this, but each city has its own Instagram Stories, which is compiled of other users’ stories who have tagged an appropriate location. By tagging a location in a story, businesses can increase their story’s reach.  As a result, you may see the amount of views on your story increase significantly. Business owners who tag a location in their story allow their account and content to become more discoverable and open up new sources of engagement. Videos are the most popular types of stories, driving a majority of impressions. Content discoverability is what gives Instagram an edge over Snapchat, and a reason why users should start tagging their location more.


What questions do you want Serendipit to answer next? Send us your questions and Team Serendipit might give you an answer in our next Facebook Live!

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