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Leave it to Arizona Spa Girls‘ own Lisa Kasanicky to share with us a story that leaves us fully inspired and feeling lucky for all we have.  Thanks to her, we can now share this touching story with you, in hopes that you’ll share it with your friends and family as well.

Kirti Dwivedi is the founder of Diya Marketing, and is very internet and social media-savvy.  Sadly her mother, Anuradha, has been suffering from symptoms of kidney disease for years, and was not diagnosed until 2002.  At that point, her kidney function was less than 50%.  Although the doctors had very little faith in her ability to live more than 7 years, she was not ready to accept the psychological and physical stress of dialysis.  Instead, she did her best to control the disease through diet, medication, and other homeopathic methods.

Anuradha was placed on the transplant list in October 2010.  With an estimated six year wait, Kirti worried that her mother may not live to see a new kidney.  With that in mind, she took the traumatic situation to social media.  She quickly started a Facebook page with information about organ donation, kidney disease, and health.  While she didn’t have the highest of expectations, she hoped that she might be able to help her mom find a new kidney.

Three months later, Kirti moved her efforts to Twitter, where she posted a link to the page.  That evening, Amy Donohue (@TheFabulousOne), who Kirti hardly knew outside of the Twitter realm, began inquiring about Anuradha’s health.  She was interested in more information about being a donor.

Once again, Kirti tried to not get her hopes up too high, but it was now getting harder.  During a phone call with Amy, they discovered that the two were the same blood type.  As soon as this information came out, Amy kindly offered to do whatever it took, as she told Kirti, “I have two kidneys, but you only have one mom”.  This extremely generous and emotional statement left Kirti finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel – and a possible kidney for her mom.

After over a month of rigorous tests, it was finally concluded that Amy was a perfect match for Anuradha.  On March 15th, they picked a date for surgery, and assuming all goes well, Anuradha will have a new kidney on April 19th.  Without Twitter, this whole process may never have happened.

We encourage you to help out this dire situation in any way you can.  The family’ssecond fundraiser will take place tomorrow, March 26th, at Fez.  However, we also encourage you to let this story sit in your mind for a minute or two.  Imagine the amazingly positive consequences that came out of a simple Twitter relationship.  Are you using social media the best you can? On the note of this story, let’s all commit to using social media for good as often as we can.


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