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Here at Serendipit, we love college. Not only did we all have amazing college experiences, but we also handle the marketing and public relations for some of the country’s top student housing developers and communities- Campus Suites, College SuitesGilbane, Sotelo and The Varsity at College Park. We are constantly forcing ourselves to think like college students, but thanks to the keg in our office it’s more fun than it is challenging! Just kidding, we don’t have a keg, but we still have a blast creating campaigns and handling the social media for these college-aimed clients.


It’s refreshing to see universities embracing changing technology and using social media to their advantage. Mashable laid out some awesome case studies of universities staying connected to their students with social media. Though social media is entirely online “socializing,” we truly believe it to be one of the best ways to form a sense of community on your campus. From administrators to organizations to sports teams, social media is the way to reach the student body, their parents and even prospective students.

When we handle the social media for these student-housing clients, we make sure to keep a fun, lively and engaging voice constant throughout platforms. Are you trying to reach a college-student based audience through social media? Here are some tips for you:

1) Post about events, happenings and the latest news on what’s going on around campus. Be the go-to resource for all things college.
2) Create contests. No one loves competition more than college students.
3) Respond! Sounds simple enough, but I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a question, complaint or comment go unaddressed on a college page.
4) Create a social media community on campus. This is a simple step: Engage with other departments, other student housing, student organizations, etc.! Making these relationships from the get-go will allow your events, contests and news to be promoted across all of these resources when the time comes that you need some extra publicity.


What other tips would you add to the list? Have you seen any universities out there doing social media correctly? Incorrectly?

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