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Social Media & Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Mashable routinely publishes articles that list upcoming nationwide conferences and events.  Most recently, Mashable uploaded 100+ Upcoming Social Media + Tech Events. Mashable is always full of great ideas, and these events are no exception.  With a brief description of each upcoming event, Mashable provides a comprehensive list of events every agency should be aware of.  Unfortunately, we can’t share all 100, but we’ll provide you with a few that we at Serendipit are itching to attend!

1. BOLO 2010; Scottsdale, Arizona

October 17-20, 2010

Naturally, this was our first pick – although it is almost over, it was still worth the mention! This exciting event is happening in our home-sweet-home, Scottsdale Arizona, right at the Hotel Valley Ho.  BOLO specializes in digital marketing practices and education, and participants can chose from a wide variety of speakers ranging from Sitewire, to Wieden+Kennedy, to Digg. This three-day event is sure to be productive and educational for all who attend.

2. The Power of eMarketing Conference; Baltimore, MD

October 20-21, 2010

The Power of eMarketing Conference is sponsored by several well-known companies, including LinkedIn, New York Times, and more. The two keynote speakers are delegates from LinkedIn and Bob Gilbreath.  Plus, the conference is located in Baltimore, so we could visit The Varsity while we’re out there!

3. FailCon ’10; San Francisco, CA

October 25, 2010

FailCon takes a different approach to the typical Marketing convention.  Instead of focusing on various themes within the Marketing world, FailCon instead focuses on the inevitable mistakes all startups will make, and how to avoid failure because of them.  FailCon has speakers from Foursquare, Formspring, New York Times, and more. Sounds like an interesting spin to us!

Which event are you most likely to attend? Check out the Mashable article linked above, and let us know what sounds most interesting to you!


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