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Switching to “Likes” Results In Engagement Increase on Twitter

Serendipit discusses Twitter’s recent change and how it has impacted engagement.

Twitter generated quite a stir earlier this month when those familiar gold stars on your feed suddenly turned into bright red hearts. Twitter switched its “Favorites” feature to “Likes” and replaced the star icon with an animated heart.

However, despite the initial backlash and complaints from users, Twitter insisted that the heart was more “universal” and “inclusive.” It is true that hearts are a way to show appreciation for content on other platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine.

This week, it was announced that Twitter has seen 6% greater engagement with the “Likes” feature when compared to the original “Favorites”. With new users, they are engaging 9% more. Twitter says that switching to hearts helps newer users to understand the platform more easily and that it makes it more accessible.

This is beneficial for brands and companies as an increase in engagement means a greater opportunity to connect with your audience and experience growth in the number of followers since new users are finding the platform less intimidating and easier to understand.

While many complained that removing stars makes Twitter seem like a less unique platform, it’s clear that users are coming to terms with this new change given these statistics. Backlash is more or less expected with any substantial change to a social media platform (see: anytime Facebook changes anything).

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