Landmarks Creating Social Buzz this Summer

Facebook made quite the strategic move by aquiring Instagram this year. Instagram continues to be all the rage, especially with all the traveling taking place this summer. Facebook recently released the top check-in statistics that showcased the “most social” cities. Although … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up: Engaging Platforms that are in the Works

This past year, Pinterest has taken the social media portal by storm. What started out as an engaging, photo-sharing site among friends and the community has transformed into a strong referral outlet utilized by businesses across the globe. One of … Continue reading

Infographics: A Day in the Life of a Serendipit Gal

Website visitors don’t read anymore – they scan.  The rise of image sharing sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr show the Internet’s growing dependence on visual sharing to convey information.  Infographics are simple, visual representations of information such as … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up: Brand your Image with Mascots & Instagram

- Branding Update, Go the Mascot Route- Brand mascots are making a marketing comeback, and in a powerful way. When you think of companies such as Geico, Captain Morgan, or Aunt Jemima most of the time, the first thing that … Continue reading