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Targeting Generation Z With Snapchat

Serendipit takes a look at how Snapchat is a great way to target the technology savvy Generation Z-ers

Generation Z’s are the people who were born after 1995 and are now 18 and under. This is the demographic your student housing property should now be targeting. This population’s sheer numbers give them an enormous advantage; they are the largest generation to date. They are also the next group of people going off to college, and wanting to know the best places to live is one of their top priorities. This technology savvy generation is all about new trends and new ways to communicate with those around them, and Shapchat is high on their radar.

Generation Z has grown up surrounded by social media, and are familiar with all of the new trends. They are constantly introduced to new apps and websites everyday. What it will take to set your student housing property apart from the others is being original. The people of generation Z are naturals at multi tasking, so you need to position yourself to wow them. By sending out snaps of your leasing center, or a sneak peek of the new pool or fitness center, you are bound to get their attention. You can also hold a ‘snapenger’ hunt and send out clues to people via snapchat that lead to a prize. All of these out of the box ideas will catch these Generation Z-ers attention.


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