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#teamSerendipit 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

#teamSerendipit 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Take a look at #teamSerendipit’s resolutions for 2015.

The time is here. Resolutions come and go but this year, #teamSerendipit plans to stick to their resolutions, whether it is to be more active, read the entire Star Wars series or learn how to juggle. Read on to see our team’s resolutions for a better, smarter and healthier 2015.

Alexis Krisay – Leave work at work.

Alexis New Year's Resolution
















Melissa DiGianfilippo – To eat my vegetables.

Melissa New Year's Resolution
















Suzanne Schutz – Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Suzy's New Year's Resolution
















Chelsey Krisay – Stress less (and complete a tough mudder).

Chelsey's New Year's Resolution
















Lauren Melby – To be more active in ending global warming! #savethepolarbears

Lauren's New Year's Resolution
















Stephanie Riel – Browser tabs – no more than 10 at once.

Stephanie's New Year's Resolution
















Inna Lazarev – Drink more wine water.

Inna's New Year's Resolution
















Nikki Meier – Bike to work once a month. #activelife

Nikki's New Year's Resolution
















Andrew Leger – Not to have to make resolutions! #thinkaboutit #mindblooown

Andrew's New Year's Resolution
















Sabrina Desjardins  – Keep my inbox organized. #2015resolution

Sabrina's New Year's Resolution
















Daniel Leif – To purchase my second home.

Daniel New Year's Resolution
















Katharine Longo  – Learn to say no. #2015resolution

Katharine Resolution 2015
















Chelsea Lutz – This year, zero out at five.

Chelsea's New Year's Resolution
















Ariana Delgado – Keep it simple. #2015resolution

Ariana's New Years Resolution
















Kelly Burleson  – Stop saying sorry so much. #notsorry

Kelly's New Year's Resolution
















Tahlia Grassie  – Learn to cook.

Tahlia's New Year's resolution
















So what’s your new year’s resolution? Share with us by tweeting your resolution to us. Cheers to 2015!

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