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TGI… Weekly Wrap Up Time!

Well hello, loyal Serendipit fans.  It looks like it is that time of the week again – Thursday afternoon, and thus time for another edition of our wonderful Weekly Wrap Up! If you’re like us, and spend way too much (or just enough?) time figuring out what people are talking about, you may have been a little confused this week.  We always search what’s trending on Twitter, Google, and Mashable and without a deeper look, a few trends this week were rather strange… We’re placing the blame on Halloween.

1. Charlie Chaplin

Now, no one is doubting that Charlie Chaplin deserves full credit for being an accomplished and talented actor.  However, seeing that his most popular movies were released in the 1930s, we found it to be quite a surprise when Charlie Chaplin started trending on Twitter.  Luckily, a little digging quickly uncovered why.  Check out the video below to see the whole thing, but the basic lowdown is that George Clarke of Yellow Fever Belfast was watching the premiere tape of a Charlie Chaplin video, and found a passerby in the background talking with a mysterious foreign object placed against her ear.  His explanation? A time traveler on a mobile phone.  Watch the video and tell us what you think it is: a time traveler? Or perhaps a woman with an earache? …Clearly, the alternatives are endless.

Watch video HERE

Serendipit recommendation: skip to about 2:30, and you can watch the actual clip.

2. MySpace

I know what you’re thinking: “What?! MySpace? I haven’t used MySpace since 2005.” However, MySpace launched a new profile design this week, and we must say… it is pretty cool.  While it does sport many of the same features as Facebook, MySpace does maintain a few unique traits.  Of course, MySpace has always been a great place for music, so they’re keeping up their reputation there.  However, another interesting feature: “My Visitors” allows users to see, realtime, when other users are viewing their page – a feature Facebook has never employed.  What are your thoughts? Privacy violation, or valuable information?

3. FarmVille

Here’s another word you don’t see trending on Twitter everyday: FarmVille. While it is true, most users cannot scroll through their Facebook News Feed without seeing some information from this virtual application, Twitter is usually a safe haven for those looking to escape FarmVille.  However, today the word trends in lieu of a truly terrible story: a 22-year-old mother pleads guilty for murdering her 3-month-old son after his crying interrupted her game.  According to Mashable, the woman shook her child, leading to his death.  Social media users have differing viewpoints.  While users generally agree that it is the mother’s fault, many related posts are speaking poorly not only of FarmVille, but of Facebook in general.  Is Facebook “destroying our generation”? We don’t think so, but, we also haven’t shaken any babies lately.

Of course, the internet is a huge, wonderful place, and we couldn’t possibly mention every trending topic, but we hope you enjoyed the few that we did! Remember, we’re all about learning here at Serendipit, so if you found something huge and need someone to share it with, post it! We promise to return the favor. Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend!


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