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The Advantages of a New App Similar To Instagram, FoKo

Serendipit Takes a Look At The New Instagram-Like Social Media Platform, Foko, for Internal Business Purposes

 FoKo is an app that most people have never heard of, even though it is a year old.  FoKo is a photo-sharing app just like Instagram, but for business-to-business contact.  Their most recent client is Whole Foods.  Whole Foods began using FoKo earlier in the year, and within 90 days had 1,000 clients using the app. The reason for this is to gain insight from the photos that are shared and apply it company-wide.  One example of this is if an employee shares a photo, using FoKo, of an engaging display that they are using at one store, employees at a store across the country can see it and replicate it.

Why not use instagram for this? The answer is competitive advantage. Having solely Whole Foods employees being able to see the photos posted on their FoKo account adds certain simplicity and privacy to the entire platform. Foko’s hope is to bring photo-sharing into the work place, and add this creative outlet into people’s professional lives.


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