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The Imitation Game: Say Hello to Facebook Masks

Just when I thought Facebook was done copying their competitors, they do it again.

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The victim this time is Snapchat once again. No surprise.

Facebook has announced the roll out of its version of Snapchat’s animated lenses called Masks. On top of that, they are implementing this feature to its live streaming service. Masks will allow users to add animated overlays to their live videos. Just like their competitor, Facebook will consistently swap out their Masks for different looks.

This update marks the first time Facebook has rolled out a new feature that will be broadly available on the main Facebook app. Also, it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Facebook would do something like this. Social media apps are looking for fun and new ways to help users create unique video content. With the rising popularity of live video, this gives Facebook Live users a new set of tools (relatively speaking, since Snapchat has had this for 1 year) to entertain their audience.

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For marketers, Facebook has the potential to offer sponsored Masks. Similar to Snapchat’s sponsored geofilters, Facebook can make the same move and allow companies to advertise through customized paid Masks. This would open the door for marketers to engage with their audience and advertise their product or service through live video.

With Instagram Stories and Workplace, Masks is another addition to Facebook’s portfolio of copycat apps and features. I wouldn’t be surprised if they copied Snap’s Spectacles, but I digress. In the meantime, let’s see how users implement this new feature into their video content.

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