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Unfortunately, it was quite a somber week in Arizona.  The nationally recognized tragedy that took place in Tucson last Saturday morning was one that touched the lives of many, and reminded us all to appreciate our many good fortunes.  Though we are all deeply saddened by those who were lost, we have much to be inspired by in those who survived, especially Tucson Congresswoman Giffords.  However, not to dismiss the true spirit of our weekly wrap up – we will instead focus on the happenings of the internet world.  There were some good stories this week!  Twitter exploded on several occasions, with hashtags like #VZWiPhone and #Ophiuchus trending for hours.  Not sure why? Read on to find out!

1. iPhone to Verizon

This, by many reports, was the news of the week.  In fact, to some, it was the news of last week.  Verizon announced last week a special press conference set for this Tuesday.  At about the same time, an Apple insider announced employee black-out dates for all employees at the beginning of February – meaning that, for some reason, Apple was expecting to be busy.  Naturally, rumors were abound – would the iPhone be finally available to Verizon users?  The answer finally came early Tuesday morning: yes, the iPhone will be available to all Verizon customerson February 10, 2011.  With the final, official information in our hands, only one question remains: have you preordered your Verizon iPhone?

2. Facebook nearing 600,000,000 users

This one probably won’t officially be news for a couple more weeks (we’ll let you know when it is!), but we figured we’d give you a quick heads up now.  The fact is, the big 600 mill is coming!  One estimate comes from, a source that provides incredibly extensive information about all things Facebook.   According to their estimate, Facebook is currently at 596,372,520 users.  Zuckerberg’s team hasn’t made the announcement yet – but we’re positive once the big number happens, it will be big news.

3. Groupon saves users $1 Billion

We’re not sure if “save” is the right word choice here – but the news is true:Groupon users have successfully racked up $1 Billion in discounts on Groupon purchases. This is a huge milestone for Groupon, a company that has been hitting headlines left and right lately.  After their refusal to sell out to Google, Groupon knows they’ve got a good thing, and you better believe they’re going to hang on to it.

4.  A Change in the Stars…?

ophiuchus, new zodiac, new constellationPersonally, I’m pretty sure that this one was just astronomers trying to mess with astrology believers.  The recent news burst about a new constellation, Ophiuchus, has believers thinking they’ve been living a lie.  However, have no fear!  According to CNN, most Americans have very little to worry about.  Every day when you check your Zodiac sign, chances are you are actually following tropical zodiac (based on seasons), rather than sidereal zodiac (based on constellations).  Since typical Western astrology has always been based on the four seasons, which don’t appear to be changing any time soon, believers can rest easy knowing their fortunes still stand.

5. The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written

One more quite interesting thing happened on Twitter this week, at least if you ask the PR world. Mitch Delaplane, PR specialist, pitched “The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written” to news sources on Tuesday.  Instead of covering a client’s recent event or promotion, Delaplane pitched the actual creation and distribution of his press release.  While naturally there was not anything traditionally newsworthy in the release, it sure did create a stir.  The marketing and PR world found it hilarious, and the release has seen a huge amount of coverage already.  Kudos to creativity!


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