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The Return of the Wrap Up

Loyal followers: we hope that you had a safe and wonderful holiday with your families last week (and that you found some smokin’ Black Friday deals)!  Our sincerest apologies for the Weekly Wrap Up’s absence – but don’t worry, this week we are back in full force! It is officially the holiday season, and the news shows it.  We’ve seen a sharp increase in the news of the internet world, as is to be expected as the year end nears.  Though we couldn’t possibly cover all of it, a quick review of our favorites is a must!


Two four-letter words went up against each other this week – well, one more than the other.  PETA activists have been flooding DKNY’s Facebook Page with anti-fur protests.  So far, DKNY has yet to respond on Facebook to the protests. BuzzFeed offers a picture of the efforts put forth by PETA.  This is, of course, a classic example of the downside social media can have on a brand.

2. World AIDS Day

Social Media had an active role in publicizing World AIDS Day, which was celebrated on December 1st.  Awareness activities occurred simultaneously throughout the world, shown on the map below.  Twitter and Facebook users participated by importing “Red” default pictures, and celebrities participated by signing off social media outlets for the day.

3. World Cup Announcements

One interesting trending topic on Twitter today was “Quatar”.  This was interesting not because of the related World Cup Announcement of future hosting countries, but because the hosting country is actually spelled “Qatar”.  The trend was lengthened, of course, by users tweeting about the spelling error, but originated by an actual mistake.  The World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022, and in Russia in 2018.

4. WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks, the website aimed at spreading formerly secret information from the government, leaked some very big news in a very big way.  US embassy cables were downloaded and sent to four major media outlets, who at their own discretion were able to disperse the data.  One of the chosen media outlets, The Guardian in the UK, wrote an article immediately after the dispatch of information, and have provided further information regarding the leaked data.  Shown below is an infographic depicting the countries with leaked information

us embassy cables leaked, wikileaks

That’s it for the wrap up today… Now onto the real Arizonan news: Who is to win the Duel in the Desert? We’re off to go find out!


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